Elexi is a brand synonymous with the label of an eco-responsible mobility service. 

Our history

Elexi was born in 2017 as a project led by Alexandre Aubertin, son of the first electric taxi driver in Bordeaux. From the outset, the societal model was intended to be sustainable, based on the observation that electric vehicles were not widely used for transporting people. By having 50% of its VTC drivers on the payroll, Elexi's social role is sincere and virtuous.

Our objectives for sustainable mobility

Encouraged by the customers who flocked to Alexandre and his team as early as 2018, the adventure led him and his team to open new branches all over France to accelerate the ecological transition of professionals and individuals in terms of transport. Our ambition is to be the leaders in eco-responsible passenger transport by deploying a comprehensive offer throughout France.

Opening a franchise in France

Do you want to work and have a strong impact in the ecological transition related to transport? Elexi is developed on a national scale and wishes to perfect its network by franchising its agencies in large cities. 2020 will be CSR, companies, hotels and travel agencies say so, so join us to respond to this growing trend.

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Today, our vehicles are electric, but later they may be hydrogen or run on other energy. We are not following a technology but a movement, our objective is to make the transport of people as clean as possible in a context where the planet needs it more than ever.


We can be the most eco-friendly service if our drivers are neither on time nor in the right place, so you won't want them. Elexi invests its time and effort to bring you a smooth and clear operational experience. With our local agencies, we create a human link and listen, nothing worse than not knowing who to turn to when you have a problem.


The online shopping reservation software we use allows you to order, modify, cancel and track your driver with a single click. This gives us a global view of our operations and allows us to optimise our drivers' schedules to the finest detail. Nebulea is at the heart of our strategy, allowing us to be efficient and focus on the most value for our customers.

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